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The big news this month is that The Sheryl Bailey Trio is booked present a clinic and guest concert performance for Sunday 23rd June.  


American jazz guitarist Sheryl will give a clinic at 3.30 and the concert will start at 8,00pm.


Ken's Blog

My experiences with Henry Johnson's "Jazz Expressions" 


I have taken over the SJGS blog to record my experiences with this course.  I will be posting articles, videos and comments while I struggle with the complexities of learning  jazz guitar and this particular study course.  The blog is not intended to provide tuition for other beginners, but rather to illustrate how I, as a beginner interact with the study materials I'm using.

By aormston, Jan 18 2018 12:03PM

We have decided to discontinue the Blog and use Facebook for our communications.

Please check our Facebook page via the link on the home page

By tonyormston, Nov 28 2016 10:53AM

At our last AGM (Jan 30th 2018) a number of members who do no have Facebook accounts (yes. some people still insist on inhabiting the real world) have asked us to continue publishing news on this web page.

Facebook users please check out our facebook page, where you will find more imformation and interaction with our members and followers.

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