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The big news this month is that The Sheryl Bailey Trio is booked present a clinic and guest concert performance for Sunday 23rd June.  


American jazz guitarist Sheryl will give a clinic at 3.30 and the concert will start at 8,00pm.


Ken's Blog

My experiences with Henry Johnson's "Jazz Expressions" 


I have taken over the SJGS blog to record my experiences with this course.  I will be posting articles, videos and comments while I struggle with the complexities of learning  jazz guitar and this particular study course.  The blog is not intended to provide tuition for other beginners, but rather to illustrate how I, as a beginner interact with the study materials I'm using.

Ken's Blog

By kenlawson, Mar 2 2018 09:58AM

My Experiences with Henry Johnson's "Jazz Expressions" Course.

The past week has found me consolidating the four Gmaj7 inversions, scales and arpeggios I discussed last week. I have been practicing using these to improvise over the Gmaj7 chords in each position. I have also been using Frank Vignola's "Ten Rhythms 70 Example Riffs" lessons to give me ideas to improve my improvised lines.

Here is a short video to demonstrate where I am with this practice, (you will notice I have many more hours of practice to do yet), I'm just at the beginning.

Using Henry's Jazz Expressions course, I am now starting to learn some Gmin7 inversions and repeat the scale and arpeggio studies, more on this next week. If I get time with all the other, Chord Melody and maintaining my repertoire work I have planed, I will add a couple more of Frank's riffs.

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