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The big news this month is that The Sheryl Bailey Trio is booked present a clinic and guest concert performance for Sunday 23rd June.  


American jazz guitarist Sheryl will give a clinic at 3.30 and the concert will start at 8,00pm.


Ken's Blog

My experiences with Henry Johnson's "Jazz Expressions" 


I have taken over the SJGS blog to record my experiences with this course.  I will be posting articles, videos and comments while I struggle with the complexities of learning  jazz guitar and this particular study course.  The blog is not intended to provide tuition for other beginners, but rather to illustrate how I, as a beginner interact with the study materials I'm using.

Jazz Expressions by Henry Johnson

By kenlawson, Feb 22 2018 01:31PM


In the first video Mr Johnson tells us the course is broken down into two sections. The first will cover the concepts and techniques he feels essential in his approach to playing jazz guitar. In the second section, we are told he will demonstrate how he applies these to a number of performance studies.

Lessons 1, 2 & 3

I have combined my responses to the first three lessons because they outline his concepts, how he visualises the fretboard and his demonstrations of these concepts. Also I started the third lesson during this last week.

In the first lesson Mr Johnson is saying he needs to visualise the fretboard firstly in chord shapes, then their relation to arpeggios and scale tones. These are then moved around the fretboard by use of inversions of the chords. After watching the videos entitled, "Visualising The Fretboard", Chord Shapes & Inversions" and "Areas Of Activity" it is clear to me I have a lot of work to do. I need to revisit the five positions I once learned for the Major, Minor, Pentatonic and Blues scales, and I should take this opportunity to really memorise them. There will also be some work on memorising some relevant Arpeggios.

That is a lot of work, but from what Mr Johnson is throwing around as incidental comments and what he is using to demonstrate his concepts and their use, I am gonna need to do it.

So what have I been doing this last week. I have learned the four inversions of the Gmaj7 chord, at the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 12th positions, all on the top (1, 2, 3 and 4) four strings. While I do this I am also re-learning the 5 position major shapes, notes and intervals for G major scale and Arpeggios for these positions.

I am now practicing playing the chords followed by the scale and/or arpeggio, I can select notes from these to improvise over this chord in these positions. To improve the musicality of this improvisation I am thinking of re-visiting Frank Vignola's lesson, "Ten Jazz Rhythms 70 Example Riffs", but more about this next week.

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