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B E G I N N E R S '  S E C T I O N

Experience has taught us that newcomers to jazz guitar don't have the skill or the confidence to just come along to a club meeting and jam with others. So, rather than have them sit on the sidelines watching, the first hour of each club meeting is dedicated to beginners.  It is a more structured session in that everyone knows in advance which numbers are going to be played and can develop at their own pace, with the support of one or more experienced players.

L A T E S T   N E W S

Hi Guys,


This Tusday 4th July the beginners got together at Hook, for our bi-weekly jam session, a full house of Steve, Eric, Bob, Keith, Phil and myself were present.  We played through a set of around eight tunes some with more success than others, but no matter because a great time was had by one and all.


This month we have the summer concert, (11 July) which is being held in conjunction with the Romsey Festival.  There are no beginners playing in this concert as we have a restricted lineup of society members playing the first half on the program and Mick Hanson's Trio playing the second half.


Best wishes



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