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B E G I N N E R S '  S E C T I O N

Experience has taught us that newcomers to jazz guitar don't have the skill or the confidence to just come along to a club meeting and jam with others. So, rather than have them sit on the sidelines watching, the first hour 7.0pm to 8.0pm of each club meeting is dedicated to beginners.  It is a more structured session in that everyone knows in advance which numbers are going to be played and can develop at their own pace, with the support of one or more experienced players.

L A T E S T   N E W S

Hi Guys,


I was checking out Greg O'Rourke's latest offering on his fretdojo academy/club site, which this month is Beauitiful Love by Victor Young.  He always gives some indication of who we should be listening to playing the tune, this month it was pianist Bill Evens.  Now I always add a track by one of my prefered guitarsts, so I went searching Youtube and found this  it is a Grant Green version I first heard when I was 17 years old, it is still one of my favourite examples of this tune, check it out.


I have discovered another guitarist I had never heard of in 59 years of listening, his name is Bill Tyers and he hails from downunder in Australia.   He has a web site at I give you a couple of links to some of the most buitiful music I have heared in a long time, check them out.


Best wishes



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